3 Brands That Are Great On Twitter

  1. Starbucks

    Starbucks is a very well known worldwide brand and has one of the biggest followings. It has all the basic essentials a good twitter brand needs. It has a clear profile picture, an attractive cover photo that is updated regularly depending on trends and seasons, it is verified and the user name is @starbucks making it quick and easy for customers to find and follow. It is among one of the many great brands that are on twitter, the brand has over 11.8M followers. Twitter is one of the most active social sites in the world. Starbucks currently has 83.4k tweets.


    They don’t just tweet text they tweet pictures and videos in order to keep customers interested. Every one of their tweets has a hashtag on it and this helps them to expand their twitter presence. They have a gallery of impressive photos on their page that is very appealing to the eye and is seen straight away once on their profile.screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-26-02

  2. Starbucks post regularly throughout the day and are very aware of their target audience. What Starbucks do very well is interact with their followers. Starbucks regularly retweet and favourite customers tweets. This shows they have an interest in their customers thoughts. screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-09-41-13 Starbucks also reply quickly and effectively to negative tweets and try to resolve the problem so there are no unsatisfied customers.

Starbucks twitter

  1. Victoria’s secret has over 10.2m followers, they are very focused on their audience with over 2/3 of it being women. There is a twitter hashtag set up for models and promoters that is used so by searching that hashtag followers can not only see what the vs page is saying it will give them insight into what models and other followers are thinking and tweeting also. The twitter page of vs has plenty of fashion show content. They post regularly updating customers and followers about their new products and upcoming fashion shows. They also interact with the VS models on a number of accounts, even wishing them happy birthday. The profile picture is very clearly their brand name, simple yet effective. The cover photo is two models, projecting very happy smiles, it makes the page quite inviting to follow. From their tweets they do not just show their clothing that is available to purchase, they show catwalk modelling and even gym workouts used by the vs models themselves. They also interact with followers who are having problems with ordering items online or products purchased in a friendly and professional manner.

    3. Missguided

    Missguided have 398k followers on twitter, which is a substantial amount for an online clothing brand. They currently have 90.2k tweets and counting. They post regularly every day, making followers aware of new fashion trends,  available discounts and the latest clothing online. There are numerous reasons I find missguided one of the top brands on twitter. One being how interactive they are with followers, they re-tweet and favorite followers who have mentioned missguided in tweets or posted about their brand, this shows followers that missguided are interested in what they do and would encourage them to post again. It also helps missguided themselves as it is their opportunity to see what customers think.  What missguided have also done very well is set up a separate twitter page named missguided help, this is for customers and followers to ask questions about any needs or query’s. A support team is behind the page and are on hand seven days a week. I myself have had to use this page and they reply straight away, I was very satisfied with this service on twitter as they were able to track my parcel straight away and tell me how much longer I would be waiting. I  feel this is a huge benefit to keeping customers  satisfied.


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